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Talent concept

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Employment director
Only when the right person is in the right place can he play a great role. Jintian Aluminum is good at seeing the shining points on every employee, and strives to create conditions to make full use of each employee's shining points by developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses, complementing each other's strengths, so that Jintian Aluminum can find ways to realize its own value, stimulate work enthusiasm, and create greater value for enterprises and society. At the same time, realize self-worth.
Win win development
Value equivalence is the essence of market economy. Enterprises and employees are the relationship of win-win development. Only with the joint efforts of employees, can enterprises grow rapidly. Employees contribute to enterprises and enterprises give employees returns. Through the establishment of scientific performance management, training and promotion system, Jintian Aluminum Industry can provide talented, virtuous and dedicated employees with reasonable material returns and spiritual encouragement.
Employment director

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