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Training mode

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Eight methods commonly used in enterprise training:
Lecturing method: The traditional mode of training means that trainers systematically impart knowledge to trainees through language expression, expecting them to remember the important concepts and specific knowledge.
Job rotation: This is a method of on-the-job training, which means that trainees are allowed to change jobs within a predetermined period of time, so that they can gain work experience in different positions, generally mainly for new employees. Nowadays, many enterprises adopt job rotation to train young managers or potential future managers.
The method of work guidance or coach/practice is that an experienced technician or direct supervisor trains the trainees on the job. If it is a single one-to-one on-site individual training, it is called the teacher-led apprenticeship training commonly used in our enterprises. The task of the coach in charge of guidance is to teach the trainees how to do it, put forward suggestions on how to do it well, and encourage the trainees. This method must also have a detailed and complete teaching plan.
Seminar method: According to the complicated procedure of cost and operation, it can be divided into two ways: general seminar and group discussion. Seminars are mostly thematic speeches, which allow students to communicate with the speaker halfway or after the meeting. Generally speaking, the cost is high. The cost of group discussion is lower. The purpose of seminar training is to improve ability, cultivate consciousness, exchange information and produce new knowledge. It is more suitable for the training of managers or for solving some difficult management problems.
Audio-visual technology method: the use of modern audio-visual technology (such as projectors, video, television, movies, computers and other tools) to train employees.
Role-playing means that in a simulated work environment, designated participants play a certain role, understand the content of the role with the help of role drilling, and simulate the processing of work affairs, so as to improve the ability to deal with various problems. This method is more suitable for training interpersonal skills such as attitude, appearance, speech and manners. Such as inquiry, telephone response, sales technology, business talks and other basic skills learning and improvement. Applicable to new employees, job rotation and promotion of employees, the main purpose is to adapt to new positions and new environment as soon as possible.
Enterprise Intranet Computer Network Training Method: This is a new type of computer network information training method, mainly refers to the enterprise through the Intranet, the text, pictures and audio-visual documents and other training materials on the Internet, forming an online reference library, online classes for staff to learn courses. This method is more suitable for adult learning because of its large amount of information and obvious advantages in transmitting new knowledge and ideas. Therefore, it is especially favored by powerful enterprises, and it is also an inevitable trend of training development.

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